Zero Discharge Technologies, Inc. Systems are customizable for select plating processes

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Acid Recovery Systems
These systems use diffusion dialysis technology to recover a variety of mineral acids and have proven to economically and effectively recover Hydrochloric, Nitric, Hydrofluoric, and Sulfuric acids. The technology uses ion-exchange membranes positioned in a patented configuration to recover acids and remove metals.
Current installations have seen both a cost savings and an increase in process quality due to the system’s ability to maintain a consistent acid bath activity.

Electroless Nickel Dialysis Unit
This unit uses modified electrodialysis technology to recover low, mid, and high-phos electroless nickel baths as well as lead-free, cadmium-free electroless nickel baths and is being utilized to recover baths used to plate a variety of substrates, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
With this process, electroless nickel baths have been extended to well over 150 MTO’s per year with several baths extending past 3750 MTO’s thereby eliminating new bath make-ups for the past 25 years. Also, overall electroless nickel chemistry costs have been reduced dramatically and drastic decreases in waste treatment costs have been realized.

SNARE (Sulfamate Nickel Ammonium Removal Equipment)
The SNARE system uses hybrid electrodialysis technology to remove ammonium from sulfamate nickel plating baths. The system incorporates cation-exchange membranes which have been prepared under a proprietary process.
The process effectively removes 95 percent of ammonium in the plating bath with only a 10 percent loss of nickel metal and other bath components. Operating costs have been reduced by decreasing both the plating bath chemical costs and hazardous waste treatment costs.
The SNARE has been proven in an FAA-licensed repair facility and resulted in an improvement in overall product quality.

Closed-Loop Rinse Water
This system uses Donnan dialysis to remove and recover metals followed by electrodialysis to remove and concentrate remaining salts. The process recovers metals as an aqueous metal salt solution of any mineral acid desired.
The process produces water of sufficient quality for most rinsing applications. Systems that have been in place since 1987 have totally eliminated rinse water discharges.
Zero Discharge Technologies, Inc. has engineers available to recommend the optimum method for specific closed-loop processes.

Further information is available through these downloadable PDF Files:

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Acid Recovery System


Sulfamate Nickel Ammonium Removal Equipment

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