Our Story

In 1983, motivated by a desire to cut operational costs and to create a more environmentally-sound process for the plating industry, Ed Ondrick of Poly Plating, Inc. instituted a research and development program focused on waste reduction for his plating lines.

Founded in 1976, Poly-Plating, Inc. is a plating company based in Chicopee, MA. The company has enjoyed continued success through technological innovations such as the development of Poly-Ond®, a proprietary dry, durable, and slippery coating that offers a range of unique performance properties unmatched by any other metal plating technology.

At the time the City of Chicopee announced a program of significant future annual increases in water rates, plus the addition of sewer use charges, Poly Plating was using 78,000 gallons of water per day.

Over the course of six years, Ondrick, with the help of Poly Plating employees, developed and refined re-purification systems and processes that reduced daily water usage to 880 gallons, cut disposal costs by 98 percent, and reduced acid purchases to just one percent of the norm.

This groundbreaking diffusion dialysis system earned design patents and also led to the formation of Zero Discharge Technologies, Inc.

ZDT systems are currently in use in more than a half dozen countries around the world and are functionally around the clock at Poly Plating, removing contaminates, retrieving metal and acids for production and re-use, and recycling water through a closed-loop system.