Case Studies

  • EPA confirms ZeroDT process extends plating bath life


    A case study published by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of its Pollution Prevention program validated the impact of Zero Discharge Technologies’ electrodialysis systems on plating baths.

    Utilizing the systems at the Arizona-based Metco Metals, the EPA verified a measurable increase in bath life and Metco reduced its new bath preparation from 71 annually to only three. The company also decreased its chemical purchases by 25 percent and its liquid waste generation by 33 percent.

    The entire study is available for viewing and downloading through this link.


  • Independent Case Study validates cost savings of Zero DT electrodialysis


    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory conducted an independent review of Electrodialysis process and its effectiveness in reducing both chemical purchases and disposal costs. The review concludes that the cost of the equipment is quickly recovered through the process. The review further states that adding nickel recycling to the plating process can save up to $495 per 100 gallons of process solution.

    The full study can be downloaded and viewed through the following link.

    Electroless Nickel Recycling

  • Zero Discharge Technologies releases Toxic Use Reduction Case Study


    Zero Discharge Technologies has published its Toxic Use Reduction Case Study that shows a reduction of chemical waste and water usage at Poly-Plating by more than 90 percent.

    After installing integral repurification equipment that filters, recycles, and concentrates waste for reclamation, acid purchases were reduced to 1% of 1989 levels, disposal costs were cut by 98%, and water usage has been cut from 78,000 gallons per day to 880 gallons per day.

    Click on the link below to view and download the complete study.

    Toxic Use Reduction